Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Aleida and other fun stuff.

So, I was roaming the grid yesterday looking for new shops I've never been in before and I came across Aleida. They have some cute stuff like the vintage plaid pants I got that I paired up with my new This is a fawn v-neck shirt. Yea I blogged them yesterday, that's right I said yesterday, big whoop wanna fight about it?
Aleida- Ricci Vintage Plaid Pants-Grass (169L)
This is a fawn Deep V-Neck Top (100L a piece or 999L Fatpack)

I also found a cute kinda Cindy Lauper inspired skirt from Aleida too that I paired up with my "I can wear these with anything" pumps from HOC and a red halter top from Parallel Love. The skirt comes with two jean options, light wash or dark wash. Good times!
Aleida- Kawa jskirt with sexy gamache-red (149L)
Parallel Love- Halter Tank Red-super cheap
HOC - Chunky Stiletto Pumps-super cheap

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