Friday, September 11, 2009

Adam and Eve goes Exotica

sachi Vixen of Adam and Eve wanted to know if anyone wanted to review a darker, exotic skin. I was totally willing to do that especially since I make some ethnic shapes and it's so hard to find a nice darker skin.

I'll be honest, this is my first time wearing one of her skins and I've seen others wearing them and have always been a little critical of them. I'm glad though that I have them here to try on for myself. sachi definately has the technique down. She knows how to make a quality skin so it's really all comes down to personal preference. They have a nice realistic look without being overly HOLY CRAP that's creepy. For the sake of a review I'll give my opinion on the things I would change.

First thing I noticed is I had to change the brows drastically, I like a fuller brow and the way they sit on the brow bone makes them really thin looking. Even with the modding of the brow, they still sit a little low for my taste. Also the shading in between the brows makes my avatar look kind of pissed, so I suppose I would lighten the shading there a bit. Other than those two things, just know that you may not be able to wear your regular shape with this. Not because the skin is bad but because with most exotic skins, they just dont work on all shapes. So, just know tweeking will be in order. But, once you find that right're gonna have a really kick ass avatar. Survey says....this is a nice skin! Good job sachi!

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