Sunday, August 30, 2009

Poop and Douche in no particular order

It was a weekend full of my two favorite words....poop and douche. I hit the poop hunt and the douche "hunt" and found lots of goodies. I have to say though, I was a little disappointed with the Douche Hunt. I noticed that about half of their items were not free. Let me just rant a second about that.

One: It's a hunt, mark your items for free.
Two: When you charge for hunt items its not really a hunt but more like a sneaky sale.
Three: Wtf would I purchase hunt items for 25L, 50L or even a 100L when I dont even know what they look like. It's like buying a goodie bag and hoping you like it. Did those vendors really expect us to go to their stores, find the items in the douche bottle and make sure we like them first? I think not.

Anywho, ty to those who followed the spirit of a hunt and kept it free of charge. And if charging was a well known thing before the hunt apologies, but seriously don't call it a hunt. Call it like, Sale and Seek.
Moving's what I found:

Above: Douche Hunt Gifts from Retox. 0L.
First bikini called: Funky space Babies. I love it. It reminds me of an old blanket from the late 70s.
Second Bikini called: Funky Lemon Orange, and it's nice too.
Hair: Poop Hunt Gift From Tiny Bird 0L called Kissy Kissy.Above: Douche Hunt Gift from Gauze 0L called Stained.

Above: Poop Hunt Gifts from Chikka Designs. 0L
First Dress called Jamaica
Second Dress called Cuteness
Hair: Poop Hunt Gift from Tiny Bird called Hey Jude III.


  1. Right fuckin' on!! "Sale and Seek" is McRight!

  2. Well...charging for a hunt is a "douche" move...