Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hybie got lucky

I was on a mission to find an outfit for under 100L today and blog about it. The mission was KINDA complete. It would seem luck was on my side and well you can't say you can get this outfit for under 100L based on luck alone. Or can you?

I headed to Miasma cause they sent out a notice about a 50L sale. I assumed it was on everything but it's just on a few items. I cammed up stairs and looked around and saw that the lucky chair had an H on it, so I sat. As soon as I got up, another H, I sat again. As soon as I got up a wild card. I sat again. Hybie wins!!! I thought since I won gifts I should buy something. I bought jeans for 50L. Yea im cheap but hey it was an adventure about getting stuff for under 100L. I win again!Wearing:
Miasma All Ripped Up in Black shirt (Lucky chair Win) (see mah boobie?)
Miasma Ruined Jeans (50L sale)
Beauty Avatar Kiana Hair-Umber
Shiny Things Glossy Ribbon Boots-Red

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