Saturday, July 25, 2009

Showing up fashionably late makes you win!

The other night Hair Solutions had a party. I guess they rebuilt it and stuff. I'm not really sure, I just kind of wandered in really late and was lost. But whatever, it was good music and I partook (is that a word?) in the booty shaking.

They were giving away free gifts and I was one of the lucky ppl to receive a fatpack of excellence from Cynful who were kind enough to give out gifts too. This top is called Summer Lovin' Sheer and the fatpack comes in 12 different colors which are available on all layers. It's a really well done shirt. It comes with a collar but if you havent noticed yet..sometimes I dont wear the prim attachments im suppose to. But yea, it looks good with and without the collar. Also, I usually put a black bra underneath, cause I don't wanna look like a total skank. There is an alternative to the sheer top and that is the opaque top. Get yours today at Cynful for 200L a peice or 1200L for a fatpack.

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