Friday, July 31, 2009

Prom 2009

The 2009 Senior Prom couldn't have come at a better time. I was broke and horney and knew some geek at school would ask me to the prom. I knew the jocks, like GW Raymaker, wouldn't ask me to go beause they had gf's. Well, I dunno, maybe, he seemed to be eyeballing the other jocks there.
Anyways, I WAS asked to the prom, by the class geek. I found my hottest prom dress from 1986 and got out the aqua net. I was ready to go. It may have been too much for my geeky date as he left me midway through the prom to go play Dungeons and Dragons.Anyways, it was close to the time to announce the prom queen and king. I figured Magz Schmooz would take queen for sure. Of course, I hoped for her sake that she didn't because I heard the two baddest bitches in school Laralie McGinnis and Lanne Wise
say they were gonna hire Lulu Seetan aka the Drunk Girl to shank her ass in the parking lot if she won. Lulu is ya back.

Anyways, all ended up good and well. Magz didn't win prom queen. In fact, it was the class stripper GaryN Awesome who took the crown. Good Times.

GW Raymaker playing The Jock wearing -Sartoria
Hybrid Ansar playing the Class Slut wearing Debuntante Viva Glam
Magz Schmooz playing The Prom Queen wearing Vassnia The Night Dress
Laralie Mcginnis playing Bad Bitch 1 wearing B! Fashion
Lanne Wise playing Bad Bitch 2 wearing Callie Cline
Lulu Seetan playing The Drunk Girl wearing Nicki Ree
GaryN Awesome playing The Class stripper wearing nothing.

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