Thursday, June 25, 2009

New skin now @ Domestic V

Domestic V released a sneak peak of the new skin line called Stardust. You can purchase it for an awesome price of only 300L! I'm a fan of this skin, it's soft and the lips have some interesting shading and highlighting on them as with most of the skins there. It reminds me of a lot of the skins you see on some of the japanese sims only it's a little bit more detailed. Here are some pics:

So, yea if you havent introduced yourself to this skin store I suggest you do. You can't beat the prices and there is a sale going on right now until the 29th of June. I think you can get like a gazillion skins in a box for like 500L or something, it's insanity.

Domestic V Light-Stardust Skin-2009
Mikan Straight Medium M
Lapgirl Boutique Pink Gingham Bikini

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